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Gardeniers is a social and occupational project of the Asociación Tutelar Aragonesa de Discapacidad Intelectual – ATADES (Supervisory Association of Intellectual Disability of Aragon–ATADES), a social entity whose mission is to facilitate education, care and inclusion of persons with functional diversity and intellectual disability.

At Gardeniers, the Special Employment Centre of ATADES, ecological seasonal products produced in the vicinity are cultivated and elaborated. Its ecological gardens and products as well as the workroom for ecological canned goods have the certification of the Ecological Agricultural Committee of Aragon (CAAE).

From October 2020 we have the IFS certification that, internationally recognized, is the highest guarantee that the productive and health-related processes of Gardeniers meet the highest demands in terms of food safety.

The project is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) related to the 2030 agenda and forms part of the Comunidad #PorElClima.

Gardeniers covers all the productive process, from planting the crop, harvesting, elaboration and marketing. This allows offering 100% traceability of the produce and quality guarantees.

The recipes of its products are elaborated in collaboration with the Food and Science Foundation (Alicia Foundation)  where nutritional experts, with an international reputation, create the recipes with the best fresh products collected seasonally, in Gardeniers’ gardens, at their optimal moment of ripeness, full of nutrients and with the best organoleptic properties.

Gardeniers is a partner of the Centre of Technology and Food Safety (CNTA)  that provides coverage in order to offer the maximum food safety. It also collaborates with the Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragon (CITA) in the recovery of native seeds.

As Gardeniers is a Special Employment Centre, companies can benefit from collaboration agreements that help them meet the LGD (General Disability Law), as well as obtain reputational benefits and those of corporate social responsibility. Hiring persons with disabilities reinforces the policy of diversity of companies, giving as a result an open corporate culture, without prejudice, in harmony with society and, thereby, more competitive. In addition, it improves the work environment, changing stereotypes and raising awareness since many are examples of achievement in daily life, and it reinforces the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the companies. Furthermore, the persons that hire disabled workers have tax advantages.

Gardeniers: products from the heart
Gardeniers organic canning workroom

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    Comprando nuestros productos, colaboras con el Proyecto de Inserción Socio Laboral de ATADES, que proporciona trabajo a personas con diversidad funcional y discapacidad intelectual.
    Estamos comprometidos con la Agenda de Desarrollo Sostenible